iGallery pushed up to version 1.1

First of all: thanks a lot for your very constructive feedback! I’ve decided to publish a second free version of iGallery (iGallery FREE), so you can look and feel how iGallery interacts with your gallery server – you can realize the speedup through the iGallery-cache and enjoy the easiest way to browse through your pictures – just with a finger swipe :). But it has some restrictions against the iGallery app. You can view at maximum just 16 pictures in each album – and all your uploaded pictures are getting a watermark on it.

iGallery V1.1 is first a bug fixing update. the improvements are listed as follows:

  • Doubletap on a picture for zooming into it (so it is much easier to handle iGallery with just one hand)
  • statusbar is now also transparent in the thumbnail view
  • fixed problems with size relationships at image upload
  • full UTF-8 charset support

BUT there are also some new features implemented in iGallery: Now it is possible to send your friends your photos as mail attachment – without leaving the iGallery app! Further iGallery gets an improved picture loader, by this it’s possible to speed up the availability of your big pictures. Also the picture pre-loader is improved, now you can load all your big pictures or select specific ones!

side note:
iGallery v1.1 can not handle very large images (i.e. 2000×3000) at the moment. As it may crash – I work on it and fix it in the next version!

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