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Version 1.3

BiteSMS is a replacement to the built-in Messaging application, and send messages via your mobile carrier as you normally do. Or, if your mobile carrier charges a lot for sending SMS messages (say texting to overseas), you can buy credits and send them via the biteSMS network instead, which is much cheaper than over the Cellular network.

But it isn’t very comfortable to send an SMS with your iPhone when your macBook / iMac lies onto your womb / desk ;) – So here is an OS X bitesms-widget!


  • sending SMS over the biteSMS Network
  • Addressbook support! Easily search & select a contact and send a SMS to his mobile-number
  • Supports addressbook pictures (look at the second screenshot)


Informations for skilled users

  • Download & Install the widget
  • move into the /var/mobile/Library/biteSMS directory on your iPhone
  • open the biteSMS.db file with a SQLite Browser
  • Select the voucher table and select the value in its token field. If there are multiple entries available, please select this one with the biggest credits-left value.
  • click on “save token” – that’s it! :)

Step by Step Instructions

coming soon!


Problems? Feature Requests? Feel free to click on the green feedback button on the right and help is coming ;-). Alternatively you can post your feedback into this forum.