The Gallery Project client app for iOS

GPS Support

Attractive map view for album or selected photos.

Image Upload

Easy to upload photos from your camera roll into your gallery3 installation.

TLS Support

iGallery3 fully supports TLS so you can access your content in a secure way. The TLS support includes self signed certificates.

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Offline Mode

Store a few images or complete album on your idevice.

Video Support

iGallery3 allows you to watch the videos stored in your gallery3 installation.


iGallery3 supports a landscape view. Your iPhone adapts to your content, not the other way round.

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Must Have

The REST Module

To communicate with your gallery3 installation you have to enable a gallery3 system module called „REST API Module“.

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Must Have

Extended REST Module

The extended REST module will be provided by us. It helps iGallery3 to get the full resolution album cover and to receive your pictures GPS information (if available). You can get it here!

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Square Thumbnails

To get the best results you have to install the square thumbnails (square_thumb) extension. Otherwise iGallery3 will transform your thumbs to squares, which will result in a loss of quality. You can get this module right here!

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The Exif GPS Data Module

The second additional module is the Exif GPS Data module (exif_gps). It extracts the GPS information out of your images Exif headers and delivers them with the help of the extended REST module to the iGallery3 app. Without this module the GPS map is deactivated.

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Enable Guest Access

If you prefer to login into your gallery installation with your guest account, you have to enable the guest access in your advanced settings. After the activation you can set “Guest Access” in the iGallery3 settings screen to YES.

I need help

To get help please feel free to use our ticket system.

  • Enfin une application qui s’intègre parfaitement avec Gallery 3. L’interface est belle, légère et vraiment facile d’utilisation. Un tout grand merci ;)

  • The best app to get for use with gallery3. Real comprehensive interface to browse fast trough all your favorite foto albums.

  • I have been anxiously awaiting this apps release and it looks as though it was worth the wait. It is great to be able to be able to have a gallery3 app that will allow multiple uploads to my gallery3 album as well as change the orientation of the photo. I had some issues getting connected to my gallery3 site but once I installed the the extended rest module it was a piece of cake.

A big Thank You

We want to say thank you to the whole gallery team for the nice and friendly support. Also we want to thank all the beta tester, you have increased the quality immensly!